Tandem / Boogie Truck Drive Chassis Dyno. Truck Dynamometers for sale.

Truck Dynos made by Dyno Dynamics are made with the same engineering quality and standards as for the regular car dynos but with heavy duty parts to with stand the horsepower and torque that a Tandem Bogie Truck puts out. Made for the Heavy Transport vehicle, light commercial, traditional off-road and recreational vehicles.

This tandem truck dyno can handle a weigt up to 30,800 lbs on the front bed and 17600 lbs on the rear bed. With a minimum wheelbase of 47" and maximum wheelbase of 132" 2400HP and 6620 ft lbs of torque.



Truck Dyno Features :: 

• Front wheel drive
• Rear wheel drive

High Quality Wideband AFR Display:  On screen Air Fuel Ratio display

RPM:  On Screen Display of current RPM.

Torque/Horsepower:  On Screen Display of current Tourque and horsepower.

Magnetic eddy current retarder
Heavy duty rollers, Wheelbase adjustment, front wheel control, Exit Brake, Bearings are oil filled

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