Engine Dyno. Engine Dynamometers for sale by Dyno Dynamics.

Engine Dyno's by Dyno Dynamics, utilized for tuning diagnosis, breakin / test new and recondititioned engines, Mapping ECU's such as Haltec, Motec, Autronic, Electromotive Tec3 (1,2,3) AEM EMS, or any type of Electronic Management Systems. Can also be used for Quality Assurance testing, Research and Development or training.

EA Series Engine Dynamometers comes with it's own turn key computer system with software installed to give you all the vital information that you need when tuning or testing an engine. You can have multiple monitors or just 1 monitor depending on how much space you can spare. There is a HP Color Ink Jet for you to print your results and has a Command Mondule

  • (Hand held and control console monunted)
  • Snap shot button
  • Emergency Stop button
  • Display with Desired speed, load, ramp rate, RPM, AFR etc.
  • Ramp Up, Hold and down switch
  • Fan Overide control.

Auto cool controls: Engine cooling and other devices such as Fans, Cell ventilation and cool down timers are also available.

Atmospheric Correction Screen:

Inlet air temp., ambient temp, barometric pressure, relative humidity, mechanical efficiency & Resultant correction factors

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Dyno Features :: 

• Front wheel drive
• Rear wheel drive

High Quality Wideband AFR Display:  On screen Air Fuel Ratio display

RPM:  On Screen Display of current RPM.

Torque/Horsepower:  On Screen Display of current Tourque and horsepower.

AWD::  There are several different AWD vehicles, with different lengths. Our AWD Chassis Dyno offers a unique feature which lets you slide the tire rest points longer or shorter to fit almost every vehicle.

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