Chassis Dyno FAQ's. Frequently asked Questions about Car Dynamometers.

Q: What is the difference between tuning on the street and tuning on a dyno?

A: Tuning on a dyno will provide you with accurate data in a controlled enviroment. With traffic, street lights and the road varying the conditions, it would be near impossible for you to hold a steady load on a vehicle for an extended amount of time. On a dyno dynamic dynamometer you can hold, as an example 5000 rpm @ 120 kpa for as long or short as you need. This speeds up the tuning or troubleshooting process.

Q: Does the dyno have a AFR UEGO input?

A: Yes, the dyno comes with a AFR Wideband Meter of high quality. You have the option of using a NTK wideband 02 sensor or a Bosch 02 sensor.

Q: I have a race car that has well over 700 Horsepower and I will be Dyno Tuning my car, will the mobile dyno 450 standard handle that?

A: Yes it will, the mobile 450 Standard will handle up to 900 horsepower without a problem. If you feel you need more than 900 horsepower you can order a twin retarder dyno with is the same dyno, but with and additional retarder system that will allow you to tune up to 1800 HP.

Q: Can I control the dyno's load and other functions while I am in a car tuning it?

A: Yes, you can. Each Chassis Dyno comes with an Handheld device that will allow you to control everything from the load to the remote fans. You can even take snapshots at high rpms to see where your power or torque is at.

Q: Can I use the Mobile dyno as a Smog dyno?

A: You will have to check with the SMOG Check Advisory board, but I doubt you will be able to use the Mobile Dyno for smog certification.



Dyno Features :: 

• Front wheel drive
• Rear wheel drive

High Quality Wideband AFR Display:  On screen Air Fuel Ratio display

RPM:  On Screen Display of current RPM.

Torque/Horsepower:  On Screen Display of current Tourque and horsepower.

AWD::  There are several different AWD vehicles, with different lengths. Our AWD Chassis Dyno offers a unique feature which lets you slide the tire rest points longer or shorter to fit almost every vehicle.

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