AWD Dyno. 4WD all Wheel Drive Dynamometers for sale by Dyno Dynamics.

AWD Chassis Dynos by Dyno Dynamics. Will allow you to dyno tune All Wheel Drive Cars and trucks. Popular cars such the Mitsubishi Evolution 8 & 9, Eclipse, Suburu WRX, STI all require a all wheel drive type dynamometer to tune the car accurately.

The AWD 450 Lowboy Chassis Dyno, as we call it is the ideal dynamometer for diagnosis and performance work. You can actually use it not only for it's AWD function, but you can also use it for Rear Wheel Drive, Front Wheel Drive. It's FWD / AWD dyno functions are used with recreational vehicles or 1WD / 4WD Race Cars, sports utility vehicles, light commercial vechicles, motorcycles (with an optional adapter) It is fairly compact and only 12 inches tall. It is basically a little larger than one car bay.

You can place a maximum vehicle weight of 9900 lbs with a maximum wheelbase of 138 inches. Front wheel or Rear wheel drive rated at 900 hp and 2700 hp for both axles.

Roller Chassis is a Magnetic eddy current retarder. High grip AWD Dyno Dynamics Unique square cut knurl, 8.5 drive rollers, 33inch Roller Length and is Bi-directional.

AWD Dyno tuning lets you make adjustments on the fly. The AWD dyno has a unique trait when putting different vehicles on the dynamometer the length of each veichle may vary depending on make and model. There are slot that allow the rollers to be shorten and lengthen and can be done on the fly with a push of a button. The unit sits on a track for ease of adjustment.



AWD Dyno tuning Features :: 

• Front wheel drive
• Rear wheel drive
• 4WD locked
• 4WD centre diff
• 4WD centre viscous
• 4WD front viscous
• 4WD computer dog clutch
• Variable ratio Front:rear
• Suitable for vehicles with intelligent transmission systems with traction and or stability control.

Wideband AFR Display:  On screen Air Fuel Ratio display

RPM:  On Screen Display of current RPM.

Torque/Horsepower:  On Screen Display of current Tourque and horsepower.

AWD::  There are several different AWD vehicles, with different lengths. Our AWD Chassis Dyno offers a unique feature which lets you slide the tire rest points longer or shorter to fit almost every vehicle.

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